The Cholesterol Conspiracy – The Truth About Kolestrol Statins And Nutritional Supplementation

Atherosclerosis, or Atherosclerosis (CAD), would be the leading reason behind Kolestrol death in both people. Inside the U.S. alone, san francisco spa than 1 million heart attacks on a yearly basis, 1 / 3rd of these causing death. Many people actually have, or are actively developing, atherosclerosis. By age 20, most people have already a 15-25% narrowing with their arteries as a result of plaque formation. By age 40, we have a 30-50% clogging with their arteries.

In the first place of the 20th century, congestive cardiovascular disease (CHD) was mostly Kolestrol a consequence of rheumatic fever,

that is a childhood disease. However because of the year 1936 there seemed to be a dramatic Kolestrol alternation in the principle source of coronary disease. Cardiovascular disease due to atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup, took beginning of the process because the responsible for cardiovascular disease, making congestive coronary failure a distant second.

Over the 1950’s, the autopsies conducted on Kolestrol men who died of heart problems that revealed plaque-clogged arteries concluded that cholesterol was the cause of induration of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and atherosclerosis. Cholesterol, not calcium, was considered the “cause” of cardiovascular disease, despite plaque consisting of 95% calcium as well as a relatively small percentage of cholesterol. By 1956 there was 600,000 deaths annually from coronary disease within the U.S. Of those 600,000, 90% were caused by atherosclerosis, or clogged arteries. In less than twenty five years, the number one killer within the U.S. had changed dramatically …from congestive cardiopathy to atherosclerosis.


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