Diet Golongan Darah B

Blood group And Diet – Fat reduction & Optimal Diet Golongan Darah B Health

For many years I had created questions regarding connections between your immune system, diet and disease. Through medical school and countless weekend seminars I learned about the most intricate workings in the body system. It’s commonly understood by most patients and physicians our diet strikes our all around health and well-being. Never did I hear exacting statements and scientific proof that explained Why and how. Nutrition classes in schools teach about vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and Diet Golongan Darah B carbohydrates.

For some time (even before I went to chiropractic school) I wandered from “here to there” wondering what the best “diet” could be. Obviously After all a nutrition regimen instead of necessarily in regards to diet in losing weight. Throughout 12 years Cleaning it once a every diet I discovered: the McDougall Diet, Fit For a lifetime, Macrobiotics, The Atkins Diet, Fasting, even Diet Golongan Darah B vegetarianism for just two 1/24 months! You name the diet program and that i probably tried it!

In 1996 a colon therapist who I met Diet Golongan Darah B mentioned in my experience that O blood types were mucous producers (I’m O positive), which there are great differences in blood types.

She mentioned that there seemed to be a manuscript or two around about them. I searched Diet Golongan Darah B for a long time to locate one, and the book I stumbled upon was by Dr. James D’Adamo. The book was called One Man’s Meals is Another Man’s Poison. Dr. D’Adamo became a Naturopathic physician who practiced in Canada for decades. Inside pages of his book I found out about his observations that you’ve a direct correlation to the blood of humans and diet! Every one of his chapters was and then an anecdotal story describing people from all avenues of life who followed his suggestions and rid themselves of some of the worst health issues proven to humans. I’d been excited to master about his observations to apply them around my life as well as in my practice.


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