Menu Diet Seminggu

Mediterranean Menu Diet Seminggu and Principles

The Menu Diet Seminggu will be based upon the peculiarities of residents with the Mediterranean region. The dietary plan is suitable for many who desire to correct their figure or maintain it for a long period. Followers of Mediterranean diet feel that it could rejuvenate and enhance the body, improve eyesight, make skin look younger and even more elastic, reduce cholesterol levels from the blood and maintain cardiovascular system in a perfect state.

Major evidence of this is actually the low level of mortality in Southern France, Spain and Italy, where people consume a great deal of olive oil and red wine.

The principles of any Mediterranean Menu Diet Seminggu :

You must eat vegetables each day Menu Diet Seminggu instead of a lot less than one kilogram. It might be any vegetable: all kinds of cabbage, pepper, tomatoes, eggplants, leeks, carrots, courgettes and olives. Nutritionists are sure that olives (green and black) are rich in vitamins A, C and E and contain very healthy vegetable fats, sugars and proteins.

Proteins: meat, fish and eggs. Mediterranean Menu Diet Seminggu is dependant on natural and low-fat meat. It is best to regularly eat cannon fodder, seafood (lobster, squid, mussels and scallops) and low-fat meat (at the very least half a dozen times per week), and also vegetable oils. The menu also includes eggs (no more than 2-4 every week) and milk products – natural yoghurts however , not excessive, as an example: some cheese or perhaps a glass of yogurt each day.


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